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Green Screen Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Where are the sample foreground and background images?
  • A. After you download and install Professor Green Screen, you will see the samples images in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ProfessorGreenScreen\Sample Images
    there are two directries Foreground and Background in the above directrory.
    Notice the screenshot shows the samples as the path

  • Q. How do I manually select the key color?
  • A. If your foreground (FG) picture has a small area of green or blue that you would like to key out. You can select the FG Only radio button, then lick on the Color swatch (it will push in) then as you move the mouse over the green of the forefround picture you will notice the color swatch track with the color. Click on that color on the foreground picture, now select the FG+BG or FG+checker and tune the solid and transparent colors.
  • Q. Isn't green screening equipment expensive and complex?
  • A. Like anything you can spend any amount of cash on photography. But green backdrops can be simply a piece of cardboard, a fabric from sewing store. Use a high thread count like 400 or more. Or a wall painted green. It's a ratio of work to convenience depending on how much you can afford. See Tips
  • Q. What about expensive lighting? Isn't that the key.
  • A. Yes, lighting the chroma key evenly is key. You can use low cost Fluorescent lighting from a home improvement store, or use $10 halogen utility work lights. Gorilla lighting is for folks on a budget.
  • Q. If my hard drive crashes, can I re-register the Professor Green Screen for free?
  • A. Yes you are protected from crashes, we take care of you.
  • Q. What type of graphics files can be used for FG & BG pictures?
  • A. PGS reads and writes jpg, png, gif, bmp, and tiff files.
  • Q. What if my screen isn't exactly green as shown? Can PGS be adjusted to accept other screen hues?
  • A. Yes, PGS tunes to the chroma key color automatically, or manually with the palette button. Almost any color except black can be keyed out.
  • Q. Do I need internet access, full time, or can I work off line?
  • A. You can work offline.
  • Can I set the resolution of the processed image different from the input images?
  • Yes, PGS handles files from 320x320 to 8000x8000 each FG, BG and CK image size independently.
  • Q. Can PGS work with special formats like B&W or sepia photos?
  • A. We recommend you apply special effect after the chroma keying. Since the key subject needs to avoid having the key color on them.